When coming along to The Glee, we understand you may have lots of questions about the process. We have collected together some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), with their answers here. Hopefully we cover it all, but you can always feel free to contact our box office for a chat with a human on 0871 472 0400.

How long do the shows last?

Our shows are live and generally unscripted, so we can't always predict with certainty when they will end. However, as a general guide our Comedy Carousel shows finish at approximately 10.15pm. Our weekend comedy shows finish at approximately 11 - 11.15pm. Our comedy tour shows tend to finish between 10 - 10.30pm. Our music shows have a curfew of 11pm, and generally finish around 10 - 10.30pm. For more specific details on specific touring shows, please contact the box office on the day.

What's the layout?

Our Glasgow, Nottingham, Cardiff and the Birmingham main auditoriums are set out with tables in front of each row of seats. These rows extend backwards from the stage in a theatre style. If you are coming to Cardiff, Nottingham or the main room in Birmingham for comedy, your group will be allocated seats and tables together, which are yours for the night. Our lovely floor staff will show you to these seats when you arrive. 

If you are visiting our Oxford club, seating is unreserved so we suggest you arrive early if you want to be sat in a specific place or with a group of friends as seats are taken on a first come basis. 

If you are in our studio room for early shows or late shows in Birmingham, seating is unreserved so we suggest you arrive early if you want to be sat in a specific place or with a group of friends as seats are taken on a first come basis.

Music shows are unallocated, and some shows are standing. Please check the 'more info' section next to all show listings to find out.

How do I pay / reserve?

As with all of our shows, you can book immediately with a debit or credit card, with us taking full payment. 

For some shows, as long as they are not sold out in advance, we will still have a limited number of spaces on the door. These are first come, first served so we recommend you arrive early to enquire about these. If we can get you in, we will but we don't recommend chancing it if you are a group of more than 4. Please note, tickets may be more expensive on the door.

Where are my tickets?

We are a ticketless venue, it's less hassle for you, and saves a few trees. Once you have booked you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. This is for your own records, there's no need to print it, but do read it through. Upon arriving at the club, we just need the name you booked under, this will gain you entry. If you are unaware of who in your party organised the group, please give a company name.

You can login to the MYGLEE section of the website at any time, to take a look at any current bookings you have with us. You can also amend your booking here.

Is food served at the shows?

For all comedy shows in the Main Room in Birmingham, Nottingham, Cardiff & Glasgow, yes, there will be food available. You can pre-order your food & drinks ahead of your visit for these shows by placing orders through MY GLEE before 5pm the day before your show. Alternatively, you can order food (and drinks) from the bar on the night, be sure to make a note of your table number, and take a look at the menu on your table.

For certain music gigs, and any shows in Birmingham's Studio Room, no food will be available. We are also unable to serve food in our Oxford venue.

The best way to check if we have food available for a certain show, is by clicking 'More Info' on the show in the online listings.

I have allergies, help!

Please click here to go to a full list of the allergens contained within our menu. If you would like to discuss anything further, please email info@glee.co.uk, or call us on 0871 472 0400.

Can we pre-order drinks?

Certainly! You can do this yourself online through MY GLEE once your booking is in. Please note we can’t take pre-orders for drinks in our Studio Room Birmingham (early or late show).

Do I have to book in advance?

We always recommend booking in advance, as many of our shows sell out nearer to the day. You can do this online here, or by calling our box office by 5pm on the day of the show. The opening times and number are at the bottom of this page.

How many tickets can I book?

Glee is a great night out, whether you are a couple on the tiles, or a group of 200. The capacity’s the limit! If we’ve got the seats available, they’re yours for the taking.

Can I add extra tickets to my booking?

As long as we still have ticket availability for the show you require, then yes. Get in touch and we’ll take you through it, or go ahead and book those online, adding to your original booking. As with all bookings we highly recommend doing this as soon as is possible to avoid any disappointment.

I need to book a group, do I have to pay for everyone?

Not unless you're feeling generous! We take lots of group bookings, and we want you all to be able to sit together and have things sorted before you visit.

With advance bookings, we do require full payment however, many customers like to make an initial booking ie, their ticket, and then get their pals to call and add on to their booking (with the pal paying for their own ticket). For this, you will need to let everyone know the name you booked under, so they can be linked to your group.

Alternatively, if everyone books separately, you can give us a call or an email with all the names, and we will link these together for you, to make sure you are all seated together. This needs to be done no later than 3pm on the day of the show. 

And finally, if you have collected in the money for your group, no problem, just call us/go online and have your card handy to pay for the whole group.

As always with group bookings, we recommend you do this with enough time in advance to get you all booked in. You can book for any show in the future that is on sale, often months in advance.

Some people in my party aren't coming now. Can we get their ticket money converted to drinks or food?

Sorry no. If you have any drop-outs, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Can I pay on the door to join a party that has already booked?

Yes, we will do our best to accommodate you, HOWEVER we can't guarantee it and we advise against it.

The majority of our seating is theatre style in rows and we only allocate the exact number of seats sold to a party in one group.

Where the show has not sold out, providing you turn up early enough we can usually sell you a ticket. However unless someone doesn't show up in a neighbouring party it’s pretty difficult to accommodate you with the rest of the group, so be prepared to sit separately.

What happens if I am running late and fail to meet the last entry time?

Arriving during the entry time window printed on your confirmation is a condition of booking. If you arrive after this time, entry is at the discretion of the management who will do all they can to accommodate you.

In this circumstance you may lose your original seat allocation, and may be offered alternative seating or standing room elsewhere in the venue. If you don't make it before the show begins you will be asked to wait until the first possible opportunity of getting you in without disturbing the show.

If a member of your party knows they will be late in advance, it's always useful for our box office to know this, so please give us a call.

Our ticket & enquiry lines are open up until doors opening (7pm), so if in doubt, give us a call - 0871 472 0400.

Can I get a refund if I can't make it?

At the point of booking you agreed that you would accept that your booking was non refundable. However bookings for all our regular weekend and Comedy Carousel shows are transferrable, using MYGLEE. Transfers are subject to a £2 per ticket fee and are transferrable up to 1pm on the day of the show.

The shows you can transfer your tickets into comprise the equivalent weekend or Comedy Carousel shows, or a cheaper night (eg Saturday transferred to Friday, or Friday to Thursday). Please note that bookings to live Music shows and Comedy Tour shows are not transferrable or refundable once made.

If you need any assistance in this matter, please contact the box office for advice.

I have a medical condition/disability that affects my visit. What should I do?

We will do our best to help and accommodate your needs in a respectful and confidential manner.

Please see our accessibility page for full details.

Please contact the box office in advance of the show, to let us know. Please do not leave it until the night of the show, as we will have already tailor-made a seating plan.

All venues are wheelchair accessible. If you are a wheelchair user, it is really useful for us to know what type and size of wheelchair you have when you contact us, in order to place you in the best position possible for you to enjoy the show.

As all of our auditoriums are above ground level, wheelchair users and those unable to navigate stairs will be shown upstairs via a lift, with one of our lovely members of floor staff. When you arrive at the venue (the earlier the better), please make yourselves known to the staff on the door, who will gladly assist you and your party with access. 

If you have a full-time carer that needs to attend the show with you, please call the box office to arrange a free carer's ticket in advance.

Contact: jay@glee.co.uk / 0121 693 2248.

Safety & Security - what do we do?

23 May 2017 - As venue operators, the tragedy in Manchester struck particularly close to our heart. To all those affected, we send our thoughts, condolences and a great deal of love. It goes without saying that the ongoing safety of our customers, staff and performers is of absolute paramount importance. So if you’re visiting one of our venues, please take a moment to read the below information.

Our management and security teams regularly review procedure and protocol with all staff. As with every live event, all arrangements are in a continuous state of flux. There are lots of things that go on behind the scenes, so please be patient if things take a little longer than you’re used to.

Your visit
Our venues are monitored at all times, but please can we ask for your help by arriving in good time, as we carry out security searches on entry.

Travel light
Please plan ahead and do your best to travel as lightly as possible. As well as cloakroom facilities being limited, searches are in place, and we really don’t want to slow you down getting in. So if you really, really need to bring a bag, please make sure that it’s small (less than laptop size or a small handbag).

Large bags (rucksacks / holdalls/ suitcases ) are not allowed in the auditorium, because:
A) They take to long to search properly, holding up entry for every one.
B) There is just no room for them in the auditoriums, most of our events have theatre style seating in rows.

Leaving these sort of items on the floor and aisles in a dimly lit auditorium would cause significant trip hazards for customers and staff, and in the event of an evacuation of the building could cause unnecessary casualties. If you bring them they must be deposited in our free cloakroom.

Parties found bringing in food and drink without prior arrangement, or any dangerous or illegal weapons / substances onto our premises will be denied entry without refund, and the parties details passed on to the authorities.

Speak to us
If at any time you see or hear anything untoward, please speak to a member of our team – we’re here to help.

Will I be asked for ID?

Our venues are obliged by local licensing to enforce a 'Challenge 25' policy, which means anyone purchasing alcohol who looks under 25 must be asked for ID.  If when asked you fail to produce legally acceptable ID you may be refused entry without refund.

All shows on the listings have an age restriction next to them, for your information. All weekend comedy shows are 18+. We have some touring shows that carry lower age restrictions, which we still need to see ID for. 

Accepted forms of ID:

18+ shows - Passport / photo driving licence / prove it PASS card

16+ shows - Passport / Prove it PASS card

14+ shows - Passport / Prove it PASS card

We are governed by the law /licensing authority and our insurance, we can only take the same sort of ID that would be acceptable if you were stopped by the police on the street or in your car.

Because of the wide availability of counterfeiting software and number of apps available we cannot accept any photocopies or ID on phones.

What will happen if I don't bring my student ID?

Our student offers are aimed at students in full time education and are so good that it is crucial that you bring proper ID with you. This means a photo and expiry date, or a validated ID on the UNIDAYS app.

If you don’t bring satisfactory ID, you will be charged the difference between the student price and the full price ticket on the door, this is not refundable should you find your card or ID at some point later. 

My student card has no date on it what can i do?

We give some amazing discounts to students so we need to satisfy ourselves that we don't become victims of fraud.

You can bring a printed and signed letter from your college / university on letter headed paper which must state that you are, or are about to be in full time education at the time of entry to that show, along with another form of valid photo ID. Alternatively, we accept validated student ID on the UNIDAYS app. 

Can I get a bar tab?

We know big groups can be difficult to buy drinks for, so we are happy to set up a pre-paid bar tab for you via invoice. You can also set up a bar tab on the night of the show with a credit/debit card (we can’t accept American Express i’m afraid). To do this, simply ask for the bar manager who will create and manage the tab for you. Please be aware we may pre-authorise the payment, with a refund given back for the difference at the end of the night.

Can I have a discount?

We offer discounts on some group, birthday, student and stag/hen bookings. Please contact the Box Office on 0871 472 0400 for further information. Alternatively, head to our Groups page and fill out the enquiry form.

Can we pick our seats in advance?

For all allocated seating shows (all Main Room Comedy Shows), we allocate your seats on the day of the show. We don't know where you will be sat, but if you are a large group, you are likely to be seated in the middle / towards the back.

If you have a seating request (for instance 'Not on the front row!'), please give us a call on 0871 472 0400 so we can note it down for you. We can't guarantee your request will be granted, but we will do our very best for you!

Is there a dress code?

No, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some clothes are advised.

If you want to wear fancy dress, go for it, we don't have a problem with you looking a bit silly. However, you will be asked to remove anything that gets in the way of other customers' enjoyment of the show (eg, massive hats, flashing lights, noisy items).

Also feel free to do your Secret Santa presents opening early on, ideally before the food arrives. Please be aware our security staff may ask to see the contents of your wrapped gifts.

Is there a disco after the show?

Do you have a cloakroom?

We have a limited amount of cloakroom space in each venue. Please enquire with the staff on the night.

Can you recommend hotels / taxis / parking?

All of our venues are central and have good access to accommodation and transport.

Please take a look at our Find Us page for further practical details.

Alternatively, a quick internet search using the venue postcode will provide options.

Birmingham: B5 4TD

Nottingham: NG1 7EH

Cardiff: CF10 5BZ

Glasgow: G2 3AB

Oxford: OX4 1UE

Why does my phone have to be turned off?

The biggest reason is, we want you and everyone in the room to be able to enjoy the show, undisturbed. We've all scowled at someone in the cinema who's phone goes off at a crucial moment, it's the same for a live show.

We require you to turn it off completely, or set it to silent and put it away.

Other reasons:

We can't tell if customers are recording the show unless phones are turned off and put away, it's illegal to film a show, it is piracy.

Every time you check your phone or go to text, the phone screen lights up like a christmas tree and so does your face! This is distracting to the acts and those around and behind you.

This only applies during the show, you have plenty of time before, during intervals, and after the show to check & use your phone. If you need to use your phone whilst the show is on, please leave the auditorium to do so.

Booking fee?

The booking fee applies to every ticket.

We’re sorry about this. We charge a fraction of the fee that the big boys like Ticketmaster and See tickets do, and we also allow ticket transfers for most of our common shows, which none of our competitors do.

The transparency of our pricing is as important to us as it is to our customers, so we have a small and upfront booking fee that covers the cost to our business. This in turn allows us to staff our box office for all of your enquiries and ticket bookings, allows customers to book online, and to transfer tickets between shows. 

Is it funny?

Yes. Very! We book the best acts working on the UK & International circuit. These are fully-paid professionals, who know their comedy.

If you want to see who's booked in for the night of your show, head to the listings page for your venue, and click on the performer's face or name to get a full bio with videos & links.

The line-up has changed, what's happened?

Whilst we make every effort to keep line-ups as listed, line-ups may be subject to change on our mixed bill weekend comedy shows. Some acts are unable to play the venue after all, for reasons outside of our control. When this happens, we always replace them as soon as is possible, with another top-notch act.

If you are planning to see one specific act in a mixed bill show please contact the venue before booking and travelling to confirm the act is due to appear.

I'm organising a charity event, can you donate?

We are more than happy to donate pairs of tickets for use in charitable events. However, we will need proof that this is going to the named charity.

Please contact the box office at info@glee.co.uk or 0871 472 0400 with your enquiry. Please use this contact as oppose to social media messages.

I have a complaint. What next?

If you have a complaint about food, drink or anything that is disrupting your experience, please query this with the staff on the night. If we know what's happening at the time, we will do all we can to quickly rectify this for you, and allow you to continue enjoying the evening.

If you would like to make a formal complaint after the event, or wish to send us some feedback, we welcome you to do so. Please contact our Box Office Manager jay@glee.co.uk with as much detail in writing as possible.

He will make sure this complaint is passed on to the managers involved. We respond in every instance in due course, once the matter has been investigated.