Food & Drink

Comedy customers can pre-order food & drinks from the menu online via My Glee. It’s also easy to order food in the venues – make a note of your table number and order at the bar. Food will be served to your table by a member of our floor staff.

menus for Birmingham, Nottingham & Cardiff

menus for Glasgow

ENJOY our food

We serve food at almost all our comedy shows. You can order in our pre-show bars or in the auditorium. The best place to check if food is being served for a particular show, is on the show listings pages. Alternatively, please call the Box Office on 0871 472 0400, we’ll be happy to help.

You can pre-order what you would like to eat and drink during the evening, so that when you arrive all you have to do is sit down and relax. We recommend this for Friday and Saturday shows because we are often sold out and serving up to 450 people across our bar can often mean queues.

We certainly recommend that all groups take a look at the menu on the website and pre-book. If you want to make any special requests you can always call the box office to place your order.

Please note: We do not serve food in our Late Shows or in our Oxford venue.


All of the allergens contained within our club menu for Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow & Cardiff can be found here.

If you are one of our Oxford Customers, please note that we are not able to serve food.