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Damian Kingsley

In 2016 Damian did a 120 gig, penniless comedy tour from Land’s End to Edinburgh raising £21K for Shelter, the bad housing and homelessness charity. He is currently writing a book about his adventure.

Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Festival’s Cunning Stunt Awards 2017 Nominee & Stand Up comic Damian Kingsley has been masquerading as a security guard at various venues across the Edinburgh Festival to promote his show, ‘Can’t Dance, Won’t Dance’.

He said “It’s hard to get people to take flyers but when someone who seems to be in a position of authority stands outside the door of Underbelly or in the Pleasance Courtyard, almost everyone takes one. I’d bought a security jacket for £16.99 to do the door at my show – as a way of interacting with the audience as they come in then came up with the idea of flyering in it when I saw the unmanned gate at Underbelly. When I’m at the entrance to Underbelly in George’s Square it works a treat! People STOP to open their bags for me and I just put a flyer in! It’s been a useful learning curve for myself actually! because I’m asked a lot of questions about who’s playing where at the venues and where the facilities are etc. I haven’t stopped anyone coming in so far but we’ve still a couple of weeks left to go!”

Can’t Dance, Won’t Dance is on at the Southside Social at 8.45pm 3-27 (not 20th) and is free entry with a voluntary donation at the end.

Well-evoked anecdotal material drawn from his own embarrassments and inadequacies are the mainstay, delivered with a cadence similar to that of observational wunderkind Seann Walsh. The set’s powered by punchlines


Kingsley made us roar with his witty routines about life, love and general embarrassment, throwing in a few brilliant metaphors and mixing them through his intelligent comedy.

Broadway Baby

A considerable talent, with strong anecdotal humour

Three Weeks

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