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Dave Lory, Jeff Buckley’s Manager and Author ‘From Hallelujah to the Last Goodbye’: Talk and Q&A

For the first time since Jeff Buckley’s tragic death on May 29, 1997, his manager Dave Lory talks about working with one of the most revered and critically acclaimed artists in rock and roll from his book “Jeff Buckley: From Hallelujah to the Last Goodbye”. The behind-the-scenes look follows Jeff’s rise to success from release of his EP Live at Sin-é to the next four years including the tragic week when Jeff disappeared into the water of the Mississippi River and Lory got the call “Jeff is missing”.  Fans will be able to ask questions and participate in this one and a half hour talk about this iconic artist.

Dave Lory will sign books after the event.


“The irony isn’t lost on me. Jeff, who’d grown up fearing rejection and people walking out on him, has shoved it back in all our faces. I cry for me and I cry for him. I cry for everyone who loved him.”

Dave Lory - Manager, Jeff Buckley

“Have I ever wondered if I could have done more for him? Yes. I thought about it every day for many years after his death. I couldn’t bear to listen to his music, until recently. It was too painful. I went through all the stages of bereavement with the added weight of responsibility.”

Dave Lory - Manager, Jeff Buckley

“Dave was a father figure to Jeff without a doubt. The key to Dave’s relationship to Jeff was that he was a constant, and Jeff knew Dave was looking out for him, and Jeff didn’t have many people looking out for him.”

Steven “Abbo” Abbott, President Big Cat Records (Released Live at Sin-e)

“I think he was keenly aware of the statistics for life expectancy of somebody in his position, that he occupied a social role that is quite dangerous to occupy. There was a moth to a flame aspect to him, absolutely. He had a fascination with the irrational. He had a very clear self-destructive strain in him. Smoking for example. I knew he knew how bad it was for him and what it did to him psychologically. It was a terrible thing when he started to do that, and his relationship to drugs. He’d had some sober insights into drugs, after a bad period when he was younger, and then he embraced them when he started touring. That was a very bad sign. I can’t overstate it enough.”

Matt Johnson - Drummer, Jeff Buckley