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Northampton, MA- Eilen Jewell has released her new album Gypsy (Signature Sounds). Like the many-headed marvels of Greek mythology and Godzilla movies, Eilen Jewell’s first album of original material since 2015 is a formidable creature of more than one mind. By turns personal and political, pissed off and blissed out, Gypsy expands brief moments of joy into lifetimes, and distills epic sentiments and persistent doubts into succinct songs.

What distinguishes Eilen Jewell’s eighth studio record from the aforementioned fantastic beasts is how well she reconciles the disparate impulses that drive her creation. Rather than pulling artist and listener this way and that, the tensions within and between these twelve tracks propel Gypsy forward as a remarkably cohesive full-length, yielding one of the Boise, Idaho songwriter’s best yet.