Extreme Championship Improv at The Glee

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After a year of shows which has seen the Extreme Improvisers rock the Tokyo Comedy Store, blast through the San Francisco Improv Festival and get smashed in Denmark, we’re excited to bring our special blend of made up comedy madness to the Glee Club in Nottingham!

Our team of fearless improvisers will go to improvised war as we battle to make up scenes, songs and do wonderfully bad impressions all for a chance to win the Extreme Improv Championship belt!

About the group…

Extreme Improv blasted into existence in 2010 and have grown and mutated into a team of funny people dedicated to three things – comedy, innovation and pushing limits. With a focus on innovation we have invented many new improv games, and put ‘extreme twists’ on the old classics.

As part of the Extreme Improv plan of world domination, in 2018 we performed in five different countries on three continents, and launched the Extreme Improv Podcast to listeners worldwide. In 2019 we look set to push more limits and reach even further in the universe!