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Josh T Pearson

“Hang my reputation out to dry, I don’t care at all. Hand in my deadly weapons from the war path my life’s been on” Josh T. Pearson – Straight At Me

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, by his group Lift To Experience, and his solo debut Last Of The Country Gentlemen – contained more substance and inspiration than most artists’ entire careers. The former was a cosmic, apocalyptic allegorical fantasy that saw Pearson try to come to terms with his faith and his intense upbringing; the latter was an agonizing, powerfully confessional account of the collapse of his marriage.

Lately, the dapper Texan gentleman has been motivated by a desire to share more music. “My whole point of not putting out records was to not have to be told what to do and be a part of the establishment. I was just trying to survive, do art, live life,” he explains. “In the last years I learned to dance, take drugs, make love… choose life. I got rid of the beard, cut my hair and started wearing colour. I burned down all my idols and realized in the process that I needed to burn my reputation.”

The Straight Hits! is released on Mute on 13 April 2018

“Pearson is a one of a kind artist and words can’t describe how fucking good Last Of The Country Gentlemen is – heavy, beautiful and brilliant.”

Mark Lanegan

“The greatest male vocalist of our time. This long awaited return is a tour around a beautiful, tortured soul”

Guy Garvey


Rolling Stone

“A stone cold masterpiece…” 5/5 ‘Album of the Month’


“Not since Leonard Cohen has an artist emerged who can evoke such profound extremes of human emotion through the device of a simple musical performance.” 5/5

The Times

“Pearson is an emotional potholer – and he’s come back clutching diamonds”

Evening Standard

“One of the greatest and most compelling albums to emerge from this decade so far”


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