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Luca Stricagnoli plus very special guest Meg Pfeiffer Luca Stricagnoli is one of the most exciting musicians in the acoustic guitar world. He was born in Varese, Northern Italy. From an early age, he had a strong passion for playing guitar and soon became attracted to unconventional playing techniques and experimenting. Renowned US label CandyRat quickly expressed their interest. Luca’s breakthrough arrived in the form of his version of AC DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’, which reached multi-million views onYouTube and Facebook. Touring the world followed taking in the UK, Russia, Germany, China, Canada and Scandinavia. His debut album for CandyRat was also released to widespread acclaim. Luca has the incredible ability to play 2, 3 and 5 guitars at once. Four time Grammy nominated musician, Stanley Jordan, said “Luca expanded the genre of fingerstyle to fingerfootstyle”. “Luca Stricagnoli is one of the most exciting new players on the acoustic guitar scene. He bypasses the normal limits of the acoustic guitar and adapts it to any musical genre: from pop to rock, from soundtracks to original pieces.” CandyRat Records “Every so often, a musician emerges who, in terms of depth of expression, advances a style so much that the way we listen changes forever. In rock, Derek Trucks comes to mind as an example. Italian guitarist Luca Stricagnoli embodies such a shift. He employs right-hand fretting, altered tunings, and partial capos in the spirit of Preston Reed and Kaki King, yet, like Trucks, he’s playing at a higher level.” Minor 7th Luca is currently working on new releases in which he explores even more approaches to guitar playing and debuts a new guitar that he created with Davide Serracini, all while discovering what the custom instrument has to offer the world of music. The album tour, featuring special guest Meg Pfeiffer, will cross over ten countries in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.]]>

“Luca Stricagnoli is wild and daring.”

“When it comes to crazy guitar skills Luca Stricagnoli is one of the absolute best”