Ron Vaudry

Ron Vaudry

Intelligent, witty and sardonic, Ron Vaudry is the thinking man's comedian. A satirical genius teetering precariously at the edge of comedy, Vaudry guides audiences through a series of hilarious, yet thought provoking political and social observations.

A favourite at both the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival in Montreal and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ron has parlayed his stand-up success into headlining appearances at major comedy clubs on several continents.

Cynical, angry and always controversial, Ron is truly a talent to be savoured.

'As hard-boiled and urban as any native New Yorker' - The Scotsman

'Biting, sometimes cynical and almost always angry, he's mimicked but rarely mastered' - The Sun

'He has about as much vulnerability as a porcupine on amyl nitrate. Vaudry is funny and fun to watch' - EYE Weekly, Toronto

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