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The Sons of Pitches are a multi-award-winning British vocal group who specialize in acappella and beatbox. They won The Naked Choir in 2015. Formed in 2013 when they were all studying at the University of Birmingham they had their cover of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites selected for Sing 12, the Contemporary A Cappella Society Association’s compilation CD.

With over TWO million YouTube hits and an international reputation, The Sons, as they are affectionately nicknamed, have “given acappella a kick up the backside” (ThreeWeeks). The Sons of Pitches’ EP, Not Too Shabby, featured the group’s popular cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ as selected on the prestigious Voices Only compilation

“The cutest thing we’ve ever seen!”

The Scissor Sisters

“This incredibly talented group intersperses their masterful unaccompanied singing with sketches, comedy skits and (the most impressive) improvised acappella… the dynamism of the performers showcased and every facet of the music drawn out with hilarious fast-paced prowess.”

Broadway Baby

“The future stars of British acappella”

The Magnets

“The Sons of Pitches do not cover songs. They take songs, rip them apart, put an entirely new spin on them, add in some highly unconventional backing techniques, and put them back together again. They do this with flair and buckets of talent which any group would kill to possess.”

Mark Gregory, UK Acappella Blog