Scott Capurro

Multi-award winning US comedian Scott Capurro brings his new show to The Glee Club Studio. Since 1993, Scott Capurro has told unsavoury jokes in every English speaking country. Scott is surrounded by duplicity and is emotionally unstable. He met Nelson Mandela. They're both vegetarians. Actually, Nelson is. Scott said he was, to impress Nelson. Memorable 'Scott' moments in 2010 have been: having his passport stolen – sorry – ‘lost’ by Royal Mail, betting on Nick Griffin, kidnapping a child - then adopting one to even the score, handholding hot men on the train without their knowledge, learning the art of diplomacy, then rejecting art diplomatically. Scott’s first UK appearance was the 1994 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he hit the ground running by winning the Perrier Best Newcomer Award for his show ‘Risk-Gay’. His 1995 Edinburgh show was then nominated for the main Perrier Award. Since then, Scott has extensively toured the world performing at major comedy festivals including Melbourne, Sydney, Kilkenny and New York City. He’s sold-out shows at 13 Edinburgh Fringe’s. Other live UK performances include the Hay Festival in 2007, which received menacing glares from cardigan wearers. His first novel, Fowl Play, was published in September of 2000 and garnered wonderful reviews. Since then he’s written for The Guardian, The Times, Index on Censorship, Time Out Magazine and Attitude Magazine. Scott is also a veteran of our TV screens from C4’s ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’, BBC1’s ‘The Stand-Up Show’ and captained a team on the Channel 4 quiz ‘The Staying In Show’. The boundaries of respectability shall be pushed, taboos shall be plundered. What will spill out when Scott Capurro opens up? "Accept the ferocious, corrosive material in the provocative spirit it’s intended, and it is brilliantly, shockingly funny……This is grade-A, pure hardcore comedy" - Chortle ***** "He remains perhaps the most fearless and technically perfect stand-up on the circuit" - The Guardian ***** "Sell your Granny for a ticket and prepare to be shocked and stunned and to laugh your arses off" - The Scotsman *****

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