Chris McCausland

Held in high esteem by the national media, Chris has starred in the last two series of The Comedy Store for Comedy Central and has recently filmed a third for broadcast in late 2012. He has worked alongside the likes of Jimmy Carr and Miranda Hart on shows across BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

He performs at the top of the UK comedy circuit at all of the country's major comedy clubs, including being a regular at London's world famous Comedy Store in the heart of the West End.

Chris was awarded the Cultural Diversity Award for comedy by a Channel Four led panel of broadcasters that included BBC, ITV and Sky TV, subsequently performing at the Royal Opera House at a high profile national TV event.

He has had great success and recognition with shows at the Edinburgh Festival for the past three successive years and will be returning again in 2012 with another brand new offering that has already been nominated for 'Best New Show' at Dave's 2012 Leicester Comedy Festival.

Chris is the only professional comedian in the UK and probably even the world who is blind. This only serves to make his particular brand of observational comedy all the more unique as he chooses to talk about his disability only moderately; instead, priding himself on the variety and originality of his writing and performances.

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