Dave Hill

Who is Dave Hill? It's a question I ask myself often, which is strange considering the kind of access I have. This much I can tell you though - I am the new Hollywood "It" girl, the next Leo, America's fresh-faced boy next door, and your new best friend all rolled into one.

I am a poet, a dancer, and - perhaps most of all - a thief. Soon I am to steal your heart.

More to the point however, I am a writer, performer, musician, actor, comedy-type person, artist, and thinking man originally from Cleveland, Ohio but now living in the Big City, New York to be exact.

'Cult New York comedian Hill is a hugely talented funnyman' - Time Out London

'Hill's loose jabs and affable, nice-guy demeanor are what make his gently absurdist comedy so enjoyable' - The Onion

'Great comic ideas seem to flood out of him, whether he's mashing up home videos with clips of extreme arthouse movies or engaging in a six-month flame war with a Norwegian black metal musician' - The Guardian


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