David Hadingham

David keeps audiences hooked right up to the last punchline as he presents his unique and often warped view of everyday life. This gravel-voiced comic combines supremely controlled delivery with inimitable facial contortions as he cracks some of the best handmade gags in the business.

Dave Hadingham (no middle name and only one 'd' in the surname) started in comedy in May '93 after writing some material for a friend, only to discover that said friend had given up comedy after a spot at Up The Creek on a Sunday night. The said friend (who from now on in shall be known simply as friend) suggested that David perform his own "....damn material..".

Absolutely amazed that this could be done without attending 'Special Comedy School', David set out to do what had now become a pathetic life-long ambition. After a few short months he soon gained the reputation for being a complete pain in the arse by everybody in the comedy world. This is not unusual, however, so he managed to cling on to his open spots and eighteen months later he was in such demand that he had to write this publicity.

Common accusations have included: "You're not on stage now!" and "Is that my pint you're drinking?". Ever sharp and witty, some of his off stage remarks will be forever funny, and I quote: "If great humour comes from tragedy then why am I not the funniest man alive?" and "Is that my hat?".

Stage appearances include Joseph (Jesus's Earth Dad as opposed to his 'real' one) in a school play in the 70's.

TV appearances include David as a member of the audience in that hilarious programme 'Beadle About' and as an onion in 'Floyd on Fish' (David tells us that Floyd wasn't actually 'on Fish', he was actually 'on Valium').

David has reached great heights in the comedy listings for example he used to be known as 'new', then 'newish' and now is called 'comedian'.

David's ambition is to see his name in print and spelt correctly (see above) and to be described in the comedy listings as an 'amusing comedian' or even 'highly enjoyable'. Although The Guardian didn't spell his name correctly they did call him a 'ranting, raving comic genius', so we can't really argue with that.

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