Passionate speakers, random topics and a great audience. Become a part of Ignite...

Ignite saw its first event run in Seattle in December 2006, and since then has spread throughout America, and Western Europe. Ignite’s ethos is to inspire and enlighten audiences with the help of passionate speakers willing to share their experiences. The focus is on passion for your subject matter, but it isn’t an opportunity to sell yourself or your business. No talking about why you have the best widgets, or how you’re going to save people money: self-promotion is a “no no.”

The Ignite format is simple: 20 slides which automatically transition every 15 seconds. For the mathematicians amongst you, that makes just five minutes. Having only five minutes to get your passion over, inspires a much more concise presentation, with no time for waffling.

Ignite Cardiff has seen seen rapid growth in audience size in the last couple of years. These events currently sell out in under a minute, and 450 people attend at the Glee Club.

With the passion for bringing this special event to other cities, Ignite Brum was launched in 2015.

You can come along to an Ignite event at either Glee Cardiff or Birmingham, for free.

And if you would like to be a speaker, the teams welcome all applications. Apply for Ignite Cardiff or Apply for Ignite Brum.

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