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Alex Williamson


Alex is a genuine online superstar with views in the hundreds of millions and almost three million total social media subscribers and followers across his platforms. His edgy and original style has garnered him fans across the globe.

2015: Wrote for and starred in the feature film Me and My Mates vs The Zombie Apocalypse alongside Jim Jefferies

2015: commenced content creation specifically targeting UK audiences, since then his following in UK has gone well past 300,000.

Wrote, performed in and produced sketches for the 10-part Foxtel sketch comedy series in 2017, The Slot. A consistently huge ticket-seller at all the major theatres and festivals across Australia and the UK, since Alex began touring in 2013 he’s sold out shows and seasons at all major Australian and NZ Comedy and Fringe Festivals, in addition to also totally sold out Edinburgh Fringe Festival seasons in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Through all this high profile success, he continues to churn out viral level online videos with an enviable consistency.

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