Since 1994 The Glee Club have been bringing the very best comedy, music and special events to Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham and Oxford for you to enjoy. Our experienced team have brought an unparalleled combination of comedians, music acts and live entertainers to our clubs, with a list of names that any venue would envy.

Our history is proof that all of the very best artists love to play The Glee Club, so please take a look at what's coming up at a club near you and join us soon for a great night of entertainment.


Glee Club is brilliant

Sarah Millican

Where I first decided to do stand-up... Many comics think it's the best room for comedy in the entire country

Joe Lycett

The Glee Club was like singing in a jazz bar in new York with Charlie Parker... Thank you SOOO much!

Eddi Reader

Enormously well-regarded

The Guardian