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After amicably exiting Throwing Muses and The Breeders, Tanya Donelly formed Belly with brothers Tom and Chris Gorman, and were joined by Gail Greenwood. Belly released two albums ~ the first being Star, which earned the band two Grammy nominations and sold two million copies worldwide ~ and the second album being King, produced by the legendary Glyn Johns.  After several worldwide tours (including opening slots for REM, U2, and the Velvet Underground, and tours with Radiohead, Catherine Wheel, and The Cranberries), Belly unfortunately fell prey to the all-too-common rock-and-roll cliché of industry pressure, financial issues, personal conflict and divergent creative ambitions. Tanya went on to release five albums under her own name.  

In late 2015, the band decided it was ‘now or never’ and announced Belly would reunite for a tour in 2016. Falling right back into a laughter-fueled groove as they began rehearsing for the tour, they decided to write a few new songs together. At the end of that joyful and successful tour, they decided to expand on the idea and write a full album’s worth of music together and are now in the process of recording the new album –

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