Michael Herd at The Glee Glasgow

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Michael Herd is a one-time Shanghai based Scottish stand-up active since 2016. He’s performed all over China and was the founder and host of Shanghai’s weekly Friday Night Laughs at the Park Tavern and was considered a senior comic on the circuit, being a regular at the city’s premier comedy club, Comedy Corner, showcases in the city before finally returning to live in Scotland after 14 years in the Middle Kingdom.

He is also the founder and host of the successful China Lockdown Zoom comedy series Front Tier Comedy, as well as nearby Nanjing’s monthly Saturday Night Laughs. He is described by Billy Connolly’s favourite comedian Des McLean has having “consistently strong material and great delivery” and has opened for top headliners including Phil Kay, Leo Kearse and Comedy Central’s Simeon Goodson as well as top Chinese acts Storm Xu and Norah Yang.