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Scott Capurro Is Erect!

The offence economy is in overdrive, so Capurro has migrated from “inappropriate” to “problematic”, but his sharp eye for hypocrisy and relentless pursuit of gasp-inducing punchlines has only improved.

In Erect, Scott wrangles with rich friends, worthy yoga, marital improvement and the miseries of home ownership. Certain that every silver lining is attached to a rather imposing cloud, he spins yarns that are meant to resolve issues but oddly seem to have the opposite effect.

Challenging and sometimes outrageous, Scott Capurro is a natural raconteur – confessional, intimate and most shocking of all, occasionally full of doubt.


Comic equation: Larry Grayson x (Lenny Bruce + Chris Rock) = Scott Capurro.

The Guardian

“Told with such speed, bravado and absolute commitment that you’ve barely gasped at one outrageous comment before the next is either being flung in your general direction, or cast away as a glorious aside.”

Broadway Baby

“There can be few comics who make an art of insulting their audience while simultaneously seducing them”

The Stage

“Accept the ferocious, corrosive material in the provocative spirit it’s intended, and it is brilliantly, shockingly funny. So far beyond the pale that the only reaction to laugh, partly out of discomfort, partly out of the sheer audacity of it all.”