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Song Suffragettes – UK Tour 2020

Nashville is often called a ten-year town. For Candi Carpenter, it’s been twenty years of hard work, heartbreak, and second chances. With a vocal quality delicate enough to entice you closer and powerful enough to knock
you to the back of the room, Carpenter proves to be a top contender worthy of the noteworthy accomplishments coming her way. Working alongside Grammy-winning Brandi Carlile, performing for Dolly Parton, and living out her childhood dream of performing solo at the Grand Ole Opry are just a few of the many ways Candi has celebrated her rising star power. Parton shared, “Candi Carpenter is one of the greatest singer/songwriters I’ve ever heard, bar
none. I became a fan when I heard some demos and said,”That girl’s a star. I think you’ll agree.

Growing up touring the Midwest with her family’s gospel band, her musical roots are buried deep in memories of stained glass windows and dog eared hymnals. At the young age of 11, she crashed a Vince Gill concert by writing
“Can I yodel for you?” on the back of a ticket stub. Later that year, she had signed her first production deal. It wasn’t long until the talented middle school student traded in the classroom for honky-tonk halls like Tootsies and The Broken Spoke Saloon. When Carpenter was 16 years old, country music legend Jack Greene took her under his wing as his duet partner. She spent her weekends backstage at The Grand Ole Opry, touring the country with the likes of Bill Anderson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Porter Wagoner and Loretta Lynn, and writing the stories only she could tell. A wonderful mentor and friend, Greene taught her an important lesson; “love the audience, and the audience will love you back.”

On the surface, it looked like a dream come true. Behind closed doors, Carpenter found herself alone in a dangerous industry, trapped in a crooked and controlling management deal. After years of struggle and no say in her career or music, Carpenter was pulled into a disastrous marriage as a means of escape. What could have easily ended her career instead reignited her drive and tempered her music with the bare honesty that sets it apart today. With the support of friends, she gathered the strength to move out, move on, and finally take control of her life on her terms. Candi cleaned houses and worked three jobs to pay for demos and groceries, until signing with renowned
CTK Management in 2014.

Her 2019 single “The Astronaut” and follow-up “Little Sparrow” showcase her unique talent and the creativity she can offer to the genre. After national attention on NBC’s Dolly Parton: 50 Years at the Grand Ole Opry Special and close work with her producer and Grammy Award winner, Brandi Carlile, Carpenter is proof that those working the hardest are destined for better days. Candi Carpenter is a real-life Cinderella story, but this time, Cinderella saves
herself in the end.