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Since winning the inaugural Scottish Comedian of the Year Award in 2006, barely a year after his first-ever open-spot, Mark Nelson’s mix of dark humour, cutting observations and superb one-liners has seen him firmly established as one of the UK’s biggest-hitting comedy powerhouses.

With a likeable manner on stage belying some of the stronger content, Nelson often has audiences laughing at things they know they really shouldn’t be laughing at. An MA degree in Politics from Glasgow University supports his brilliantly topical writing and, although his stand-up is certainly not for the easily offended, the material is intelligent, well conceived and beautifully crafted, all supported by a very confident delivery. He is therefore a very sought-after comedian and writer, with both the skill and intellect to be able to adapt his material to suit and entertain any club, theatre or corporate audiences.

In 2016, Mark created a series of online clips, The News At 2, for BBC Scotland’s Short Stuffstrand and co-starring his two-year-old daughter. Featuring topics such as Global Warming, Donald Trump, and the Economy, the clips went “viral” and he was commissioned to make more, starting with one on the Brexit turmoil. Now rebranded The News At 3, he released several more in 2017 with a number of them, including the hilarious Valentine’s Day, again going viral with views in the many millions. Another subsequent clip released in time for Easter surpassed 90 million views alone. The popularity of these clips saw News At 3 being mentioned in the Scottish Parliament as part of the discussion about a new BBC in Scotland and was picked up by the BBC’s One Show, in the process of becoming the biggest social media phenomenon in the BBC’s history with audience engagement exceeding 130 million views.

Widely recognised as a superb stand-up, including being frequently nominated and some-time winner of the annual Best Headliner at the Scottish Comedy Awards, Nelson has no gimmicks, relies on no frills—his work is just consistently top-quality comedy, pure unadulterated stand-up of the highest order.

'Mark Nelson possesses a talent that is simply obscene … A remarkably accomplished stage manner with wonderfully crafted gags… Nelson presents wicked gags aplenty… Inappropriate hilarity and rakish material keep the laughs coming… Irreverent, vulgar and humane consideration of society’s taboos… While many a comic chucks a badly aimed pot-shot at political correctness, it takes a skilled comedian to attempt a meaningful consideration of society’s taboos. This is irreverence done right. ✶✶✶✶'

The List

'A remarkably accomplished stage presence… blistering material which pushes dangerously near the boundaries of good taste.'

The Sunday Times

'Irreverent is Mark Nelson… Never have I seen a stand-up be so understatedly funny. No lighting changes, no sound clips or other kind of multimedia, he doesn’t raise his voice, he doesn’t even move other than to pick up his drink. Perhaps the purest form of stand up. But all this worked to his advantage: he doesn’t need any of that to be uproariously funny. He genuinely just stood on the spot for an hour and told us anecdotes and stories and jokes in his normal voice and the audience’s attention was all his… All of this made his progression through the routine flawless… A mastery of storytelling ✶✶✶✶✶'

Arts Award Voice