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Noah Gunderson – Live 2022

Acclaimed American indie folk singer-songwriter returns to celebrate the release of his brand new album ‘A Pillar of Salt‘, out via Cooking Vinyl. The project is a return to form for Gundersen, coupling heartfelt lyrics with his signature understated vocal performance.

“There is a moss-covered cabin deep in the woods of Washington State, nestled in the foothills of Mt. Baker, just off the North Fork of the Nooksack River. It has no WiFi, minimal cell reception, a water supply fed by a nearby creek and a wood burning stove for heat. This is where I spent the last year and a half when I wrote this album.”

“For the first time there was nowhere to run, no plug to pull, no option for blowing up my life when the banality of existence triggered my anxiety into a blind panic. I was finally forced to face it. And in that space came these songs. Songs about memory, love lost, and love found, overcoming self-destruction, anxiety, saying goodbye. Attempting to break deep-seated patterns of co-dependency. Chasing the dragon of love’s first high. I recorded simple demos on my phone and sent them to my producer, Andy Park, who helped craft beautiful, lush arrangements around them. And like that, back and forth over quarantine, we crafted most of the record. Later, as restrictions loosened, we brought in friends and collaborators to put their own unique stamps on all of it.”

"A record that feels as weighty as a work of literature, but also as enveloping and beautiful as the best albums that the folk music genre has ever produced."

Absolute Punk

"Melancholy beautiful pop that explores some of living’s hard questions."