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Tamer Kattan is a comedian who bleeds comedy. It’s not just what he does, it’s who he is. His comedy is more than brilliant. It is deep, thoughtful, and hard-earned.

Tamer’s humour is rooted in his uncommon real-life experiences and perspective on the world. Experiences that have gifted him the ability to navigate dangerous topics with sensitivity, and a lovable smile.

At a time when comedy can sometimes feel divisive, Tamer’s comedy brings people together by making them laugh & think at the same time.

An important skill, honed over a lifetime, in a ½ Jewish ½ Muslim family. With 3 year+ residencies in LA, NYC, and London, Tamer scratched his way to headliner in all the world’s toughest (& best) comedy scenes.His style feels like it was defined in the streets of NYC, but his experiences stretch across the globe, performing for UN troops in Afghanistan, touring Europe for several years & during the Arab Spring in Egypt.

Tamer Kattan had a performance on Seth Rogan’s Hilarity for Charity event alongside Todd Glass and Hannibal Buress. Tamer is a true original and world-class funny.

His talent and unique perspective make him one of the most exciting, dynamic, and feel-good comedians working today.

 TV + Radio credits including BBC, SkyTV, Fox, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.