Tat Vision Live at The Glee Birmingham

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Tat Vision is a weekly series following tat hunter Well Douglas searching for the best tat around as he rifles through charity shops, car boots and various street corners of Birmingham. 

Now, Well brings Tat Vision out from the charity shops past the street and onto stage. 

Tat Vision Live will be delivered to you on Well’s rickety new Tat Wagon, stocked full of all his best finds. 

Blending a lo-fi shabby chic aesthetic into a sprawling stage show expect live music, special guests, games, videos, comedy and drama. Follow as Well discovers the true meaning of friendship with Stechford rap sensation Likkle Wink and true meaning of loss as he encounters the Tat Mongers and the nefarious Sutton Coldfield singer/songwriter/producer – Premium Lux Jnr. 

“Everyone’s watching Tat Vision right?”